Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Boutique & Other Musings & Ramblings

Well I worked really hard and managed to have enough to put out to sell for the Spring Boutique! Now I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!!! Over the next week I will be posting artwork that was created in the days leading up to the Spring Boutique.

I had a wonderful time at the Boutique on Saturday. My sales were not quite as high as I would have liked them to be, but it was all in all a fabulous experience. I got to meet lots of great people that I otherwise would not have met. I thought that I would be really bummed that my sales did not even allow me to break even with my expenses, but I am really feeling quite great. I have been mulling that over for the past couple of days, and I think I know why I am not nearly as upset as I think I should be.

As a woman of faith, I put my trust in a loving Heavenly Father who knows and cares for me personally. I said many prayers as I prepared for this Spring Boutique, and just knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was supposed to participate in it. I also felt prompted not to put nearly as much money into this show as I had with the show I did last November. I made do with a lot of supplies I already had on hand and got busy working on things. As usual, life got in the way and was crazy busy during the time I was preparing but I kept plugging away. Although I did not complete as many items as I wanted to, I was well pleased with what I had accomplished and knew that I had put my best foot forward.

So, here is my "list" of why I am pleased with how things went:
1. Although I only made back about 40% of my expenses, I have lots of items for birthday gifts, AND I have less items to make for the next craft show! I can focus more on some of the larger, mega time consuming projects I want to tackle.
2. As stated above - I met lots of wonderful people!
3. I traded two mini-albums for a FABULOUS necklace with Lori from Cookie Lee. Well worth the money on supplies and time spent making them. Thanks Lori!!! I wore the necklace to church yesterday and felt so pretty!
4. I am sure that Heavenly Father had a "higher purpose" so to speak with me participating. I may never know what it is, but I do know I have done what He asked of me. That ultimately is all that matters. So I am completely at peace and happy as a clam with how things went.

Well, if you stuck with me this long, thanks! Although you can't say you weren't warned of my ramblings from the post title! LOL Here are a couple of pics I took of my setup from Saturday. My hubby was so sweet and used scrap mdf that was in the garage to make "boxes" to go under my tablecloth so that I could have multiple levels to my display. They worked great. Thanks sweetie! You're my hero!



Sarah said...

Wow...that looks awesome! So much work. I was going to say sorry that your sales were not what you had hoped for...but you don't sound like you need it!

~Michelle~ said...

your display looks wonderful! I think your presentation is beautiful!