Thursday, April 16, 2009

No new posts for a few days

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, but my computer is having issues and needs to be wiped clean and reloaded.  Ugh! So meanwhile, I am using DH's computer to check my e-mail and what not.  So I won't be posting any artwork until my computer is all done.  Hopefully by Monday of next week at the latest or I may start going through withdrawals!  I'll try to make a few projects between now and then so that when my computer is up and running I'll be able to share some artwork IMMEDIATELY!  They say patience is a virtue, but it is one that I am seriously lacking!  So until then ladies, happy scrappin'!


Sarah said...

SOOOO sorry Jenn...Hope it gets fixed soon.

Katie Renz said...

Sorry to hear that Jenn, but I would cry too... My computer is like another appendage to me... I think that's a bad thing too (sigh).

Hope its quickly resolved.