Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organization "Scrap Geek" Style

I'm almost embarrassed to post the "before" picture of my fridge, but will for the sake of sharing one of those creative a-ha moments. How's that for sacrifice? LOL DH and I were having a discussion this past week about how to keep track of flex receipts. He prefers to have multiple receipts to submit at once because he says it is a pain to fill out all of the paper work. Meanwhile, we were quite sure that a receipt here and there was not getting submitted (but without proof of course). So I came up with the idea of using self adhesive magnetic sheets to put a file folder on the side of the fridge for flex receipts. And of course, me being me, I couldn't simply put a plain old file folder on the side of the fridge, now could I? So I decorated it up a bit and really liked the simple but nice, end result. So then as I looked at my messy fridge, I decided I should make a couple more of them. After I was all done, even one of the kids said "Wow! What happened to the fridge? It's so clean!". LOL



Supplies Used: CTMH Animal Crackers Creative Basics Papers, Miscellaneous eyelets, plain manila file folders, Dymo label maker.


1.) Apply a liberal amount of adhesive to the front of the file folder.
2.) Attach double sided paper of your choice to the front & trim around the edges.
3.) Using scrap of paper trimmed from the front of the folder, adhere it to the top of the inside of the file folder with the reverse pattern facing up & trim around the edges.
4.) Place a line of adhesive along each side of the inside of the file folder and close. Only the top of the file folder remains open.
5.) Punch a hole in each corner of the file folder and attach an eyelet using your punch/eyelet setter of choice.
6.) Place a large piece of self adhesive magnetic sheeting on the back of the file folder.
7.) Create label for tab. I put a piece of clear tape over my label to protect it and keep it from peeling up.
8.) You are now ready to organize! If you really wanted to, you could make these fancier by embellishing the front of the folder. I just didn't feel like it. I thought I was doing good to organize one more itty bitty corner of my house.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'!



Dee Dee said...

I love this idea! My fridge is cluttered with artwork of my kids and to-do lists and appointments and so on. I really need to do something like this....tfs

Jackie said...

Looks great! tfs!!!

Sarah said...

Totally brillinat idea! It looks great!

Lisa Trombitas - said...

What a terrific use of paper & embellishments. Sometimes it's more fun to pretty up every day items! Thanks for your nice comments. Scrolled around a bit, you do great work!

Cindy said...

What a great idea!!! It looks fantastic too!