Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Organization Part 1 : Card Keeper Box

Sorry I haven't posted in over a week. I've been working on organization stuff in my scrap space, trying to make sure my stuff is better organized, visible, and therefore more usable. I think I am making good progress, and am hoping to have a post for each day this week as I finish up some stuff.

This project took a while because I had to wait for layers of paint and mod-podge to dry. Very tedious, but I think worth it overall.

The box was purchased years ago at a thrift store because I just knew I could put it to use somehow. I think I was originally going to use it to organize photos but I don't remember for sure - that was at least 6 years ago that I bought it - long before I started making cards. LOL Here is the box before I started....


Not very pretty, but definitely functional. Next I painted the edges with Making Memories Scrapbook Colors Paint (Sky). I didn't want to have to go all the way to the edges with whatever papers I used on it. I actually ended up using a different set of papers than I had in mind when I first envisioned the project. After the paint was dry I cut my papers (Delicate Dots from SU) and used Mod-podge to adhere them and seal them. This seemed to take forever!!! Of course I am seriously lacking in patience. LOL The ribbon around the lid is Spring Moss and Light Ivory from The Ribbon Retreat. The flowers are from Hobby Lobby (Paper Studio Spare Parts), and the brads from Making Memories. I painted the chipboard letters with the Making Memories paint (Celery) and then covered with Mod-Podge, sprinkled with glitter and then sealed with Mod-podge.


I am not completely happy with how the front turned out. In the first picture, you'll notice that the box had a little metal tab label holder on it. I tried working around this originally because I couldn't get the tab pried off. So I tried working with it and used some metallic silver cardstock and made a frame around it. I really didn't like how it looked, but already had the mod-podge in place and it was stuck there. I realized I didn't want it there when I was looking for the best spot to put my chipboard letters. LOL With DH's help I was able to pry the metal tab off, but I couldn't get the metallic cardstock off! I should've just asked for DH's help BEFORE I painted and mod-podged. LOL Live and learn, right? So I ended up putting a solid piece of metallic cardstock over the frame I had created around the metal tab to cover up the holes where the tab had been. I can now think of several different ways I could've done this differently - I guess hindsight really is 20/20.

All that being said, I think it'll make great storage for my cards - and that I am happy about. It was also good practice for some other projects I have up my sleeve. ;) So until next time, happy scrappin' y'all!


SamieVt said...

I want one! LOL I love it! It turned out so beautiful!!!!

Amy Anderson said...

How cute!! I love the little flower embellishments. And your use of Mod Podge! :D