Saturday, August 1, 2009

Computers can be so frustrating!!!!

I'm beginning to think that perhaps it is just me, but I cannot get onto Splitcoaststampers at all!!! I have been trying for two days to get on there with no luck. I've tried Firefox, IE6, cleared my cache & all cookies, and even had DH reset my IP address (I suppose being married to a computer programmer does have it's perks). Meanwhile I am sure the people who have sent me PM's on there about swaps think that I am MIA. Has anyone else had any problems getting on there? Or is it really just me? It is the ONLY website I cannot access right now. Ugh! I guess I'll have to try from the public library this afternoon. Okay, vent over. Thanks for listening!


Dawn said...

I just went on and it worked fine for me...sorry !!! It even recognized me.

Penny said...

I dont know about scs but Ive been having trouble all day today with shophandmade.

Sarah said...

Sorry Jenn...I surf with Google Chrome now...IE sucks!