Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tote Bag

Okay, as promised here is my non-paper crafting project. Well I suppose if I used it to take to a crop it would then be paper crafting related. :) I am using it to hold my current knitting project & supplies. I digress though. We made these cute tote bags at a church activity last week. As I've stated before, I am not much of a seamstress. I do okay if it is straight lines and not too difficult. I've become the queen of making curtains for my house. LOL I'm sure my sewing machine enjoyed seeing a little action that was not curtain related!


I found the fabric at Home Fabrics. I lucked out and found it on clearance for $2.00 a yard! I plan on making some more of these for my girls. Their fabric is all cut out and pinned, now I just have to take the time to spend part of my day in front of the sewing machine. The grommets made it a bit pricier because of the tool I had to purchase, but I am sure I can find many more uses for it! I wish I could remember the name of the book that the pattern came out of. It's all about making tote bags out of different things including placemats, t-shirts, and this tote bag originally called for a fabric shower curtain. 54" wide fabric substituted nicely for the fabric shower curtain. One yard will make one lined tote bag. If anyone is particularly interested, let me know and I'll call my friend who owns the book and get the name of it for you. :)

I'm hoping to have another paper project finished and ready to post by Saturday. I have a mini-album and matching tin project in the works. I just haven't decided a theme or stamp set to use to go with the papers I've already started working with. So if you don't hear from me until next week, don't worry - I'm probably just still waffling on a decision or sitting around doing absolutely nothing because allergies are kicking my butt this week! Until next time, happy scrappin'!


gale said...

That's pretty. I love tote bags. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to make them but I do plan to make one for my crochet stuff.

The Mama Monkey said...

You are so good...I stink at sewing!! Great fabric find!!

Naomi said...

That fabric is gorgeous! I only sew when necessary, and it ain't often necessary...LOL! I don't like sewing machines, but I have one, and can fix clothes, make curtains, etc, but I like nice things in my house, so let's just say I don't make my own curtains. I am fond of ones that hang straight...LOL! Seriously, this bag is wonderful!