Thursday, November 5, 2009

Altered Junior Legal Pads

Yet another idea I got from SCS. These are quick to make up and of course very fun! I like keeping one handy on my desk to make out my shopping list or plan menus, etc. Because of their size, they are really great to decorate up much like a card. The nice thing about decorating them like a card is that there are so many sketches out there to use, and the ideas are endless. At the craft shows I do, people pick them up thinking they are a card of some sort and are always pleasantly surprised to find a notepad inside!




The picture doesn't do this one justice. I kept it simple, not wanting to detract from the paper. I really liked the paper, but DH absolutely hated it saying it was too busy and he just didn't like it. Not more than five minutes later, two of my DD's walked in and exclaimed how pretty it was and where did I get that cool paper?!?! LOL I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. ;)



gale said...

These are all beautiful. I can't even pick a favorite-I love all of them.

jennifer said...

These are gorgeous, Jenn! I just purchased the Take Note set from PTI to make similar lists to give as Christmas gifts. I love them!

Cassie_lu said...

great job on the projects

Naomi said...

These ROCK! Your hubby sounds funny! Jim (my DH) has somehow learned to read my facial expressions when I ask his opinion...LOL! He looks at me before the project I am showing him and always says pretty much whatever I was thinking! These do very much look like cards, they are a great size!