Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Answers to Questions...

Sorry I have taken so long to get back to each of you who have had questions about how I make something. I'll try to answer all the questions and hopefully make sense. I survived Saturday's craft show and am now battling a cold. I don't exactly think clearly on cold medicine! LOL

For those who are curious, Saturday's show went well. I had $375 in sales ($50 less than this same show last year). I also have a couple of orders for custom items (not included in that total). So it was nice to walk away with a couple hundred in profit. :) I only sold one of my mini-albums...they just didn't sell well this year. Most of the stuff that I sold was $6 or less with the exception of the ornament sets ($10 each) and several sets of cards (6 for $10). The gift sets with the clippy boards, magnets, small spiral notebook and composition book didn't sell at all. :( Anyways, thanks all for sticking with me. I'll be back soon with more artwork just as soon as I feel better. I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Leslie posted this about the Elf Ornaments:

Great idea!! I just love the little elves....I have a question though, could you tell me the dimensions of the scallop circle and the size of your glass gems? Thank you for an awesome idea!!

I used the Mini-Monograms cartridge for my Cricut to cut out the circles and scalloped circles. The glass gems are approximately 2 3/8" in diameter. Little over 2 1/4" but not quite 2 1/2". For both circles that I cut out, I used the 3 1/2 setting on my cricut. The glass gems are called Glass Drops and are made by Sierra Pacific. I found them at Porter's, but they are only a local craft store. I've not seen them at Michael's, but I would think you could find them maybe at Hobby Lobby or a floral supply store. At Porter's they showcase them near where all of the vinyl cut-out stuff and magnets are.

scubasubie asked what E6000 is on the Magnets post:

E-6000 is a super sticky and stinky all purpose craft glue that can be found in just about any craft store where the other glues are. At my local Robert's, it is on the aisle with the Mod-Podge and other glues in the general art supply area. A little bit of it goes a long way, and once you glue something with it, it's NOT gonna come off. I use it for anything where I want to make sure it's gonna hold.

Beth Jacobs posted this about the Christmas Fudge Kits: cute idea!!! Can you post a pic of the kit? How much will you sell them for?? thanks!

Alas Beth, I meant to take a picture of the Christmas Fudge kits this last time I made them and I completely spaced it again! So sorry! Here is what I did though....hopefully this will help. :)

I cut a piece of patterned paper large enough to cover up the candy bar wrapper (width), and then long enough to wrap completely around the candy bar. Important note about this....some of the larger candy bars are 4.25 oz. and some are larger yet. Make sure that your customers know what size bar it is meant for. I had one made up that wasn't for sale to show my customers not only how it would look when done, but also what size bar it was for.

I printed the poem out on white cardstock, inked the edges, and then matted it onto a colored piece of cardstock that also had inked edges.

I then used my Cricut to cut out the circle and scalloped circle. I stamped an image on the white circle, inked the edges, and matted it with the scalloped circle. I put foam dots on the back of it but did not remove the paper backing.

I cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the candy bar and tie.

Each kit had enough in it to do three candy bars: 3 pieces of patterned paper, 3 of the matted poems, three of the scalloped circle embellishments, and three pieces of ribbon. I put each kit into a gallon ziploc bag and sold them for $3.50 each. I might have been able to sell them for more, but I'm not sure. I guess it would depend on your area.

Hope this helps everyone!


The Mama Monkey said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jenn! I had fun catching up with your blog. It was like I was virtually at your craft fair!

jennifer said...

Hi Jenn :) Congrats on the fair going so well! That's awesome! Hope you're feeling better.