Friday, June 4, 2010

I really did have artwork to share today....

honest I did! I made three altered journals - one for each of my youngest daughter's teachers. Life got crazy yesterday and I managed to get them made but completely forgot to take pics of them before she took them to school today! Talk about feeling like an absolute airhead. LOL

Meanwhile, I'm going to work on some little mini-albums over this next week. My MIL requested them. I had made her one a while back and she wants me to make six more of them to put in a military care package to ship overseas. They are made out of the little plastic I.D. badge holders and turn out just darling. I'll be sure and get pics of them when I'm done this time!!!!

Our little kitty is no longer nameless. After many debates we finally found a name all six of us can agree on...and wouldn't you know it, it was a name I just happened to toss out in exasperation. LOL Her name is Izzy. Two of our girls and I wanted to name her Bella. Nope, not after Bella in Twilight, but Bella as in pretty. Our 14 year old wanted to name her Isabelle, but no one else did. I tossed out "Izzy" and it stuck. It seems to fit her's fun and spunky just like her, and best of all even our son agreed that it was a good name. :-D

Anyways, I'll be back later with artwork. I pinky promise! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and gets some scrappin' time in.

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The Mama Monkey said...

You have been busy while I was packing out! I love that card you made for your customer with the flock! Honestly, I could not get the Flower Soft to ever work for me and I like the flock better!! Your cards for your class were also gorgeous! Love the top flower one the best!