Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recycled Ribbon Tube

I have several of these empty CTMH Ribbon Round tubes laying around just waiting to be useful. I've seen quite a few cute things done with them in the past. A few weeks ago I was in need of a quick thank you gift for the parts manager at the dealership where I have my van serviced. He went out of his way to do a kindness for me which I greatly appreciated. :)

I wanted to decorate it and fill it with candy but wasn't sure what kind of candy. Then I discovered that the Pearson's mint patties that can be bought in bulk at Sam's Club were the perfect diameter to slide into the tube in a neat stack.

I'm really not sure what paper I used. It was a scrap leftover from a previous project. All in all I think it turned out pretty cute considering I was in a rush and put it together in about ten minutes! LOL




CathyRose said...

This is really cute and what a great way to show your appreciation!

Naomi Ball said...

What a way to recycle! Looks great!

gale said...

What a cute idea!! Great way to recycle too. I'll have to remember this one-I wonder if it'll hold mini york patties...