Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you tired of baby blankets yet?

I completed another baby blanket for humanitarian aid this week. This time I did a baby boy afghan. It was fun to work on but I confess I'm glad that I'm done with it. This is the third Sideways Shell blanket I've made in the past two months. I've started another blanket using a free pattern called First Love from Red Heart. It's essentially a continuous granny square type pattern. Although the pattern calls for a specific type of Red Heart yarn, I am just using regular worsted weight acrylic yarn in white and a jewel tone multi. I think it will turn out fabulous. I guess we'll see in a couple more weeks. :)


I've also started a couple more headbands (that I posted previously), and I will be taking another class from The Yarn Connection in November. I'll be doing a cabled neckwarmer class. The neckwarmer is pretty cool, but I confess I'm more interested in learning the cable stitch than anything. I also stopped in there yesterday (big mistake) and picked up a lovely pattern for a lace knit scarf and a couple of balls of Cascade 220 wool to make said scarf. Now to get busy before I start collecting patterns and yarn the way I already collect paper & ink. LOL


CathyRose said...

I never get tired of see your creations! Darling blanket!

gale said...

What a cute blanket! I love the stripe design.

Lee said...
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Lee said...

Beautiful blanket . . . even more beautiful is that you did it for humanitarian aid. YOU ROCK!