Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Knitted Headband

Here are the pics of the headband I made in the knitting class that I mentioned previously. I was excited to learn about how to make knitted flowers, but wasn't happy with how it turned out. I'll either try again another time or I will simply stick with crocheted flowers which take a matter of minutes compared to these! Nothing like trying to keep your count when you are casting on 101 stitches. LOL





The headband itself is made using Lion Brand Homespun. The flower is made out of wool. I found the oversized button at Wal-Mart. It was the perfect color of blue to match the blue in the multi-color wool. :)


The Mama Monkey said...

OK Jenn, I need one of these!! Can you make me one? I will pay you! PM me!

Sheila Bennett said...

Cute headband! And I think I like the button better than the flower anyway. Certainly would not want to cast-on 101 stitches for the flower!

CathyRose said...

That is just darling! Great job!