Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Baby Blankets

I've really been enjoying playing with my yarn stash and creating baby blankets for our church's humanitarian efforts. It's really been relaxing and fun. I also took part one of a knitting class last week and take part two tomorrow. The class is for making knitted headbands with flowers - you know, the kind that keep your ears warm in the winter. I'll post a pic when I am done with it. :) Anyways, Here are 2 blankets that I have finished and a 3rd that is in progress still.

I created this one for humanitarian and fell in love with the pattern. The pattern is a Project Linus pattern and works up really quick & easy.


I like how well the pattern worked up for the humanitarian blanket that I used the same pattern to make a blanket for my cousin's soon to arrive baby girl. She specifically asked me to use colors that would go in the nursery (red, pink, & brown, with a ladybug theme). I'm not thrilled with the color pooling this yarn did, but it does look rather cool. The picture just doesn't quite do it justice.

This is my blanket that is in progress. It will be another one to be donated. I'm using the same pattern again, but striping the yarn. I find it interesting that even though I am using another multicolor yarn, that I did not get the pooling like I did with the previous blanket. Hmmm. Very interesting.

I also have a pair of wristlets cast on my knitting needles at the moment so that my hands and wrists can stay warm while paper crafting in my basement this winter. Meanwhile, I am having to force myself to stay away from the yarn and play with paper in order to get ready for the craft show next month. *sigh* So many projects and oh so little time!

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Anonymous said...

These are really pretty. I love the pink one and the red one. The colors go great together.