Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carl's Scarf

Yep, another Christmas project that I completed. I meant to post this ages ago (like when I finished it), and was too busy knitting away and doing other holiday things and never posted it. I suppose better late than never although I seem to be saying that WAY too much here lately! It took me about a month to complete this working on it a bit here and a bit there and working on some other projects in between. I really love how the yarn striped itself. It turned out super soft and warm. I used Loops & Threads (Michael's brand) Charisma yarn in Deep Forest. It was made using a simple basketweave pattern. You can find the pattern here.

My Aunt Josie said that she is totally in love with the color and that Carl (her fiancee) not only loves the color but also how warm & soft it is. She said he started wearing it right away & loves it. I love it when a handknit gift turns out the way I hoped it would - well loved and worn by the recipient. :)






The Mama Monkey said...

This is sooo pretty!!! She is going to love it!

Louise said...

This is awesome Jenn! I so wish I could knit, you are VERY clever.

gale said...

I love this! Perfect for a man-I'm so glad they loved it.