Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Blanket

I completed this blanket for LDS Humanitarian Aid. I was really worried when I started out because the yarn felt scratchier than normal. After a soak in warm water with vinegar and then putting through the washer and dryer with a load of towels, the finished blanket is softer than I ever thought it could be!

I didn't have a pattern for it, but instead modeled it after the twin & full size blankets that my grandma has made for me and each of our kids. She does the blankets in strips, edges each strip, then crochets them together in a zig-zag chain stitch kind of thing. Really the work she has done is quite amazing. Mine is not an exact replica since I'm not so good at reverse engineering knit/crocheted projects. I did however use the ones she made for inspiration. I love how it turned out and I love knowing that it will keep a baby nice and warm.




agd509 said...

This is so cute! I love how you recreated your grandmother's work :) Definitely an inspiration!

The Mama Monkey said...

darling and sure to keep a baby nice and cozy!

gale said...

That is beautiful!! I wish I had the patience to make things like that.