Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q & A Time

I figured I should take a minute to answer a couple of questions that have been posed recently.

Gale, in answer to your question on the baby wipe background card, yes it is the one where you add the reinker to the baby wipe and then swipe it across glossy cardstock. :)

I've had multiple people ask me if I am selling the cabled neckwarmers and ribbed headbands I've been making. I typically do not sell the knit/crocheted items that I make. I've made a couple of exceptions when I had the time but in all reality I'm a somewhat slow knitter in my opinion and I just can't sell them at a high enough price to make up for the time spent on them.

For any of you who just might happen to live in the Idaho Falls area (such as Nancy), I would be more than happy anytime to teach you how to knit or crochet. :)

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gale said...

thanks for answering my question. I am going to have to try that-I bought those special sponges a long time ago but never really used them much because they aren't very easy to use.