Thursday, March 31, 2011

Banana Berry Fingerless Mittens

Sounds almost good enough to eat, huh? Banana Berry is actually the color name of the yarn that I used for these mitts. It's made by Red Heart (super saver). My swap partner likes bright colors so I thought this yarn was perfect. I had a lot of fun making these. They are my first pair of fingerless mittens that include a separate thumb/finger area. I didn't get the thumb gusset just right but I thought I did pretty good for my first time with this pattern. I really hope she likes them. :)




Sheila Bennett said...

They look great! Really like the bright colors and the striping. And so funny, I just posted about making 'texting mitts' last night. The pattern looks almost identical.

The Mama Monkey said...

These are awesome!!

gale said...

If she doesn't like them, pm me for my address. I'll take them. lol. They are so cute!!