Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Toys

Okay, well new stamps anyways. :-D Not sure if I've ever complained about it on here before or not, but the craft store choices in Idaho Falls are limited to say the least. Previously, the JoAnn's store we had was old, small, outdated, and it seemed like they never updated their scrapbooking or yarn stuffs. Well they finally did something about it. They shut down the old store and opened up a new super store. Can we say LOVE? It opened on Friday, and yes, I am smitten. Although I confess I was rather perturbed that they do not carry Nestabilities like the Utah super stores. Ugh! Anyway, they do have a wonderful selection of scrapbooking stuff and yarn stuff. Way better than what the other couple of stores have to offer. They even have 3/4 of one side of an aisle dedicated to nothing but buttons. I nearly swooned when I saw that! Okay, enough of my rambling. Here's the new stamp set that I am just itching to ink up.....


It's called Yarn Crafts by TPC Studio. I'm thinking it will make some lovely altered notebooks and cards. I'm crossing my fingers and really really really hoping for time to play with it within the next few days. :)


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That's a cute set. Too bad my sister doesn't stamp anymore-she'd love that. She is a knitter too.