Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Pair of Handknit Socks

WooHoo! I did it! I actually learned how to knit socks. Even though I've finished them, I'm still in awe that I learned how to make them. They are a little tricky, but not nearly as hard as I thought they'd be.

I used yarn that my mother-in-law bought for me when they were in Belgium over the holidays. After washing, they are super duper soft. I didn't think wool could be that deliciously soft.

The only downside is that these turned out a bit too big. Not saggy baggy big, but big enough that I'm considering frogging them and starting over. I'm a little bummed by that but not too badly because it just means I get more practice with socks and I get to knit with yummy yarn. So it's all good. :)




Sheila Bennett said...

Your socks look great! Don't you dare undo all your work by frogging them. lol

Lee Bernstein find me at said...

WAY TO GO, JEAN! They are beautiful! They look as though you've been knitting socks forever. Great job.

Doesn't giving birth to a sock feel wonderful? It's just so cool.

My first pair came out a little large too. Readers here will probably cringe when they read this, but I bravely machine washed them in hot water, watching them almost every minute because I didn't want them to shrink too much or felt. It worked, but I had to be oh so careful.

They still stretch a bit large when I wear them, but they go back when I wash them again.

gale said...

Those are so cute. Makes me wish I could knit.

The Mama Monkey said...

darling, you talented girl!