Monday, April 4, 2011

Notebook Project Part 1

A friend recently asked me if I would help her decorate some notebooks for baby shower prizes. Since I love making notebooks I just couldn't say no. She brought the papers and I supplied the rest. In exchange she's going to line some felted knit totebags that are on my to-do list to get made. I'm thinking I got the better end of the bargain but she's quite pleased with how the notebooks turned out. It was also so much fun to have her over and papercraft together.

I had to chuckle when she showed me the papers because she wanted to use up papers that she just didn't care for but they came in the paper pad she had bought. Yep, you guessed it, the papers she didn't care for, I thought were awesome. LOL I think out of all six notebooks we made, the composition book is my favorite. I love how the paper looks like multiple papers/layers, but it's really just all one sheet of paper.




The Mama Monkey said...

You know what they man's trash! LOL I love the colors as well! Great notebooks!!

gale said...

I agree-the colors are great! Love the notebooks.