Monday, May 2, 2011

Pink Camo Baby Blanket

I am still plugging away making the sideways shells baby blankets for humanitarian aid. This is the latest one I have finished. It seems like it took me forever. I may have to look for a new simple pattern to repeat until I get bored with it. LOL I am finding that I am loving making the hats and socks than I am the blankets. I guess it's the nearly instant gratification of a project finished quickly. ;)

I just love the way the pink camo (yes that's the actual color name) pooled. The pooling doesn't look so obvious in real life....I think the camera captures it a bit differently.



The Mama Monkey said...

LOVE this, too!!

scrappinmominky said...

Very pretty. Love it. I know what you mean about instant gratification. I am the queen instant gratification girl.

gale said...

this is so pretty. It's always interesting to see how the colors come out.