Monday, April 9, 2012

OhSo Easy Hat

I participated in a KAL (knit-a-long) on Ravelry with the Knitting Is Gluten Free group. Lee Bernstein was kind enough to share the hat pattern with the group and several of us made one (or more). I haven't had time to make more than one of them, but am already plotting and planning to make them for others and also to make them in baby sizes. The pattern is well written, quick, and very easy. You can find it on Lee's Blog. I usually don't wear hats because I don't like how they look on me. Never mind that I get overheated very quickly. I am however loving that I knit something for myself for once and that when I do spend an extended time outdoors during cold weather that I now have a warm, squishy soft hat to wear. All three of my girls tried to steal it from me. I guess I know who I'll be knitting the next three hats for!

The pattern calls for a bulky weight yarn. I held two strands of worsted weight yarn together for it. One yarn was a lightly heathered purple color of Berocco Weekend yarn and the other was a self striping yarn from Plymouth Yarns called Kudo. The Berocco Weekend is an acrylic & cotton blend while the Kudo is a cotton, rayon, and silk blend. The colors work so well together you'd never know that the yarns are from two completely different companies.

I do recommend that you pay attention to how the hat fits on you rather than going 100% by the instructions for the length. I started the decreases on my hat about an inch too soon because I was worried about how long it was getting to be. Have I mentioned I have a BIG head?  So most of the time when I wear it, I only fold the brim once rather than double but it still looks and feels great. 

Here's what the hat looks like unfolded and laying flat. This really shows off the color changes in the Kudo.

Here's what the hat looks like on me.  Please excuse that I have no make-up on. I was too lazy to put it on for a couple of pics.



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