Friday, June 8, 2012

Owned by a cat...

For those of you who have a cat in your household, you learn very quickly that it is the cat that owns you and not the other way around. We often call Izzy "the pampered princess". She has the cattitude down just right and it has been that way since she was very young. One of her favorite activities is to stretch full length upon whomever is sitting or laying down. It instantly makes you fair game and an appealing surface upon which to nap. Here are a couple of favorite shots I took recently of her sleeping on our youngest daughter. They both look rather content to nap with each other. :)



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gale said...

She is gorgeous! We have two cats but they stay outside. But they still own us. We've bought them houses (one is heated!), sleeping baskets, toys, treats and the best food we can buy and still they look at us like we aren't quite doing enough.