Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Simplified Baby Socks

Please excuse the interruption of our usual paper crafting posts. I wanted to share this baby sock pattern that I created and I know better than to start yet another blog. I'm bad enough about updating the two blogs I already have! 

I created this pattern out of desperation. I had only taken one sock class at my LYS (local yarn store) and could not remember how to do short rows when it came to doing the heel & gusset. You won't find any short rows in this pattern. If you're looking for short rows, these are not the socks you are looking for. Great, now I have the line from Star Wars "these are not the droids you're looking for" running through my head!  Yeah, I know, I'm a geek! LOL

Anyways, these socks are super simple and as long as you can use DPN's you should be able to make them. They could also be made on two circulars or with the Magic Loop Method.

Simplified Baby Socks

 photo 20150314_091212_zpsvbn3k2t7.jpg

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